What the heck is a fervent warrior? I don’t think you can pin down a precise definition, though I’d venture to say that you can recognize one when you see them – that man, woman, or even child that’s committed themselves with selfless, reckless, unwavering abandon to God’s purpose for their lives, regardless of obstacle or circumstance.

Am I there? Definitely not! Am I heading in the right direction? I think so – inch by inch, with copious amounts of backsliding. It’s not until I pick my head up and look back through the annals of time do I see just how far God has carried me along this journey to become a fervent warrior for Christ.

I started A Fervent Warrior as an outlet for my writings while I finish up my first stab at a novel (petroleum engineer by day, writer by night). It is filled with some of my fictional pieces, my theological musings, and my reflections as a Christian husband and a father of (many) toddlers. Occasionally, I also get to sprinkle in the little nuggets of wisdom gained only when life knocks you down and God picks you up and dusts you off. I hope you enjoy scanning through the blog – hopefully it will offer you a word of encouragement along your own fervent warrior journey as well!